Switch is multiple control

G SAFE M1 is an intelligent wireless switch without using electricity and battery, which works with B20 wireless and intelligent control system technology to realize self-powered. It is composite intelligent control technologies ofenergy harvesting and ultra-low power consumption wireless sensor. It will generates electricity automatically when you press the switch button by turning mechanical energy,heat energy,light energy,etc. into electricity.

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G Safe RF can control home devices retransmiting IR and RF signals. It connects to your home wifi network and has applications for smartphones to control all the ir and rf devices. Easy config: One step connection to your home or office Wi-Fi, no gateway needed, Profiles: Turn your iOS or Android smartphone into a universal remote, Smart Control: Using Broadlink App, you can control your devices anywhere,anytime, Scheduling: Pre-set your own profiles, automatically work at set time, Control your TV by your smart phone via internet, You can set the boot time of TV / Air condition / DVD in advance, Support all IR controlled devices such as TV, Air condition, DVD and etc. Support 433MHz and 315MHz frequencies, Support Wifi 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n, Support Apps for Android and IOS, Support auto modes, AUTO HOME and AUTO AWAY.

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Automatic Gate

The gates are programmed to open & Close gates with a gate transmitter or a manual device.The safety 12 volts DC motors eliminates the dangers of electric shock hazard.An overload sensor provides instant stop upon contact with obstacle.Inbuilt starting opening force adjustment,open speed adjustment.The standard opening time will be 3-8 seconds and the remote controlling device can operate a distance 100 to 200 feet subject to the line of site.

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Wireless Video Door Phone

Security is not a laughing matter. Technology has been a great help in terms of security because it allowed people to stay safe in their homes and offices. Nowadays, the crime rate is rising, and criminals are getting bolder in their plans. While security in one’s home or office is not a requirement anywhere in the world, it is highly recommended to do so to protect the people and assets in the property. When it comes to security technologies, the market has no shortage of it. From CCTV cameras to best wireless video door phone systems, families and businesses can truly improve the safety in their place. Furthermore, they can eliminate any potential threat before it happens. There are security technologies that are directly connected to police stations and fire stations, which mean that triggering them would bring the said forces to one’s home or office without delay.

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